How To Dry Your Hair

Posted by Dezireeastra on 01:51 AM, 02-Aug-15

As a lady, you may at one point have thought of drying your hair professionally. Getting it done by a professional is costly. However, you can do the same at the comfort of your home as long as you have the right tools and guide. 

Tools needed

The items you need are as follows:

• Clips or rubber bands or anything else you would like to use to hold up your hair

• Volumizing spray, mousse and argan oil

• An effective hair dryer / blow dryer, preferably one with twin turbo and a nozzle

• A round brush


Take a shower and dry your hair using a towel to get all the extra water out. If you need a voluminous blow dry, apply mousse throughout your hair from roots to end. For heat protection, apply some argan oil at the ends and volumizing spray at the roots 

Rough dry your hair only after the products have been applied. Rough drying is done by using your hands and not a brush. Focus mainly on the roots and begin blow drying upwards. This will create volume and prevent hair slicking to your head. 

Your hair should be divided into clean sections. The sections should not be taller / longer than the depth of the brush and wider than the of the brush's width. Except for the back section, put everything else into a high bun. 

Blow drying

Use a dryer with a nozzle starting at the back section of your head. To get a very smooth blow dry, tension should be the most important thing. Wrap your hair around the brush entirely, beginning with the roots.

It is recommended to begin with the roots, follow with the mid shaft and finally the end when you are wrapping hair round the brush for the first time. Use an upwards motion to pull the brush through your hair. You will get volume and curl by using this method.

Work your way around the head in tiers. Start at the bottom, then the following row and then the row above that. 

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When you get to the crown, you should be left with the front and crown area (something like a U shape). Focus on volume if you prefer the top section to possess the most volume. Ensure you are drying using an upwards motion. 

Once the hair is dry, roll every top section back up in the brush. Blast will cold air until you are sure everything has cooled off. To give your hair a little curl, twist it in the brush gently and avoid pulling too much. 

Tips to consider

Blow dry the hair upwards and back if you do not have bangs. You should create your part anywhere you want only after you hair has completely dried. Parting your hair when it is still wet will result with loss of volume and wearing your hair in that part. 

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Take note that if you have bangs, you should section them off before rough drying. They are going to look crazy if you dry them upwards. It is better to comb them downward and blow dry them. These steps should make sure you effectively know how to dry your hair professionally at the comfort of your home. 

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